Lomi Lomi Therapy

Lomi Lomi Oil Massage 60 min - 1750/-
Lomi Lomi Oil Massage 90 min - 2544/-
Lomi Lomi Oil Massage 120 min - 3500/-
Purpleorchid Spa, Shop No. 7, 3rd Floor Keshari Mall, Unit-2 Market Building, Bhubaneswar. offers an exclusive Lomi Lomi massage therapy to a wide range of customers. Lomi Lomi massage therapy is one traditional Hawaiian Massage that makes use of a combination of massage techniques, nut oils and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing as well as dance for restoring energy and soothing the body.
In Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi translates to “rub rub”. The basic principle of this massage therapy include in the fact that the massage works deeply in to the muscle with continuous, flowing strokes with loving hands of the therapist; allowing the recipient to relax and provide in to the nurturing touch.
Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy:
Release tension
Rejuvenate the body
Eliminate waste and stimulate toxins
Assist blood and lymph flow
Benefits the mind in offering peace, harmony and emotional well being
Enjoy the exclusive Lomi Lomi Massage from the expert therapists at cloud9spa, Bhubaneswar.
NOTE: Make sure you talk to your therapist about any of your health problems before taking the treatment. Avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol few hours before the Lomi lomi massage treatment


We guarantee you that your excursion will dependably be a momentous one with the astounding administrations and heart satisfying extravagances at Purpleorchid Spa .


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